Body Resolution 2015

Well, a year ago I resolved to chuck my pajamas and spend more time with nothing on.

I have to report it has made an astounding difference in how I see myself. We don’t know how much comfort we’ve taken in hiding until we stop.

I have been on a life-long body journey, with the goal being total acceptance of all that I am–which is imperfect yet compelling.

"Screw it. I'm fine"
“Screw it. I’m fine”

Funny story: in my quest for information-gathering I bought my first-ever scale and decided to weigh myself regularly. It worked for  a few months, if giving me a number can be said to “work”…then it started to give me 280. Hmm. It then switched to weighing me in at 10. As in 10 pounds.
So I tossed that out and I now get out of bed each morning, check myself out in the mirror and say “Lookin gooood”
Whatever, it works for me.
I have NO “ideal weight” in mind. I just don’t care. I have an ideal number of logs I can chop in one day. I have an ideal amount of time I can run, weight I can lift. I have a movement practice.
So, as the year turns, I am deepening my nudie resolve. I am continuing to re-inhabit my body, the only one I have and the only one I want. I don’t regret any past version of my body, whether it was “better” or “worse”. I have faith in my body. I consider my body image in the context of culture, family, DNA, history. My body is part of the history of the world–and the future of the world too.

stupid euphemisms!
stupid euphemisms!

Yes yes yes I will work on my weaknesses. Yes I will run up a hill or lift a heavy weight…because I LOVE it, not as punishment. Yes I will squat but I do it because I want to be mobile for 100 years, not because I feel “bad” about my rear end.
And while I’m at it…I love you and your flaws too. Cause when we judge others’ bodies we are really expressing how we feel about our own.
Sometimes the real weight we need to lose is the weight of never being good enough.
Of never being worthy.
The weight of our own repression, shame, fear and layers upon layers of dread.
So this year, I resolve to give less of a shit what anyone else thinks of my body, slowly but surely, becoming more and more of myself with every wrinkle and grey hair that comes along.
It's the journey
It’s the journey

Upcoming classes 2014


I am in the process of scheduling appearances for 2014 right now. It is fun writing class proposals and sending them off into cyberspace! So far I have confirmed dates for:

–Double class at Farmacy herbs in RI, tree medicine and natural foot care. How will I link them? Come find out! Saturday May 24, for more information.

–Critical thinking for herbalists at Herbstalk in Boston MA, June 7 &8, come hear about how to think critically, how  to learn to learn and how to assess sources and research well.

–September, date tbd, subject tbd at Northeast School of Botanical Medicine.

Radherb Herbal Convergence, subject tbd, October 11-12
I’ll be at Dandelion Seed this year, their class lineup looks A-mazing!
and you can find me at Integrative Medicine for the Underserved in Portland, OR

Please watch for more updates as I have a special box of possibilities and I will be adding more to the public list AS they are confirmed.
My list of 10 classes currently offered is also available by inquiry.