Fellow Workers Farm: about me




This blog has evolved over time, from the personal expressions of a hopeful young herbalist to the salty observations of someone who has been participating in  the world of “alternative health” for quite some time.

I am a questioner and these are my questions. Maybe some of them will be yours, too. There is no health advice here, no lists of herbs for ailments.

There is just my thoughts about plants, movement, tension management, art, critical thinking, social justice.

I am a 30-something wordsmith from Providence, RI who is raising 3 kids, pursuing my education, exploring my inner and outer world.

I like Science, a tiny pinch of Magic,  and tacos on every corner.





9 thoughts on “Fellow Workers Farm: about me

  1. hi, i thought i got your number from Don at Wild Hive, but it’s the wrong number. how can i get in touch about trying out some of your herbs for possible use in my new restaurant and market i am opening in new york city shortly?

    let me know, look forward to it.

    – chris


  2. I am a novice herbalist and am interested in any classes you may have or of any other herbal classes in the area. I’m in Millbrook. Thanks, Margot

  3. thank you chris for your interest. what i have here is mostly medicinal herbs, mainly in tincture, tea and salve forms. i don’t know how well that would work for a restaurant. however, you can e-mail me at fellowworkersfarm@gmail.com to give me more specific info on what you are looking for, i may be open to growing something next spring.

  4. Hi, I came across your post from the Herbwifery. I wondered if you could help me with a recipe for pine tar salve. (also looking for soap recipe too with pine tar) My husband and daughter both have psoriasis and I recently started making lye soap. I have never tried making a tincture (of course they would definately think Mom had lost it) but I believe in these types of healing. I love making new things. Any help and I would be greatful. Thanks Vickie

  5. hi vickie
    in order to make pine sap salve you must first collect the sap. then you make the oil. finally, add beeswax. it is a good salve for excema-type stuff but remember: topical things can help but won’t cure. you are most likely to cure from the inside out. herbs that support the liver are important-we have 4 main organs of elimination-liver, kidneys, lungs and skin. if one is taxed /stressed/weak in some way others take on more of the burden of elimination. burdock and dandelion are common liver herbs and are generally considered safe. however, i recommend getting the advice of an herbalist! you are smart to make your own soap-definitely eliminate scented soap and detergents. also, go ahead and make a tincture if you want to-it’s fun and rewarding.
    good luck!

  6. Hi,

    I recently bought your Astragalus Rt tincture, and was wondering what kind of dose you suggested. I am taking it for immune support.


  7. dear sarah,
    i am primarily a herb grower and forager and generally do not/cannot give out medical advice. i recommend you consult with an herbalist or natural doctor. i will tell you that i personally would take approximately 1/3-1/2 dropper 2 or 3 x day to help the immune system. however, dosage very much depends on size, body type, age and overall health, this is why a consultation is helpful.

  8. just started using your teasel root tincture, hoping for some movement with the lyme/fibromyalgia symptoms, and noticed you are in my homeland, little rhody!
    all the best,
    betsea parenteau
    rochester, vt

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