Book Review: Wild Drinks and Cocktails

IMG_2002I have been looking forward to this book ever since I heard of its existence, and here it is. It is a triple threat: beautiful, snappy design, smart, non-rambling descriptions and juicy, delightful recipes.

I admit to not being a “recipe person” in the sense of measuring, but I am guessing many will appreciate Emily’s precise and detail-oriented recipes, and less-measury types like me can choose to  soak up the inspiration and just estimate it.

She seems to have combined a luscious and fruity approach with touches of herbalism to make a decidedly straightforward and non-woo collection of “Handcrafted squashes, shrubs, switchels, tonics and infusions” that just may end up sneakily supporting your wellness, but you might  be too soaked in pleasure to notice.

Ultimately, that pleasure IS a medicine and Wild drinks and Cocktails is food for the eyes and food for the taste and food for the creative spirit, and it stands out amongst the crowd of recent offerings. The interesting details and fancy little touches are what make it exceptional.

I’d like to go on and on about it, but I am too inspired by the Hawthorne cordial and Hazelnut Orgeat and must go gather!

Thank you, Emily Han, your hard work and attention to detail is appreciated!

Explore Emily’s work further at


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