Report back from Herbstalk 2015

IMG_5154Gavin McCarthy

Herbstalk 2015! It was a raging success. This is a great medium-sized herbal conference in Somerville MA.The organizers do a good job of helping to support diversity, they choose a wide range of classes and make it as accessible as possible. Thanks, Steph and crew! They are great representatives of the herbal community. It is held in a beautiful building, an old Armory. There were plants for sale, herbs and goodies, food including Apotheker’s marshmallows–highly recommended– and herb schools from the area.

They held a little forum on the Fire cider controversy which….could have been worse.

I liked the class on the history of herbalist in the US taught by dynamic duo Ryn Midura and Katja Swift.

And I appreciated the trans health class, which I believe  is a much-needed and interesting topic.

Thanks to those who came to my class on Bitters, your participation is greatly appreciated, and a shout-out to my helper, who someone called “that hippie kid” and my carpool buddy Mike who spent 2 hours telling me about cell biology. Fabulous.

bitters mad lib.pages  This is the Mad Libs file I made for the Bitters class, print it out and try it!

IMG_5165Angel Putney

IMG_5168Kathi Langelier and Katja Swift

IMG_4993“Bitter is an energy”

IMG_5161Fire Cider trademark discussion forum

IMG_5160Marketplace in the armory

IMG_5546Apotheker’s real marshmallow

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