New word: Linksterf*ck

Have you ever gotten into a terrible internet battle? Where 2 or more people are trading comments back and forth, and in those comments are some links?
“If you’d just read my link, you’d see it my way!”
Well, if You would just read MY link you would see MY side!”
NOT super likely, dude.
This happens often in the world of health, as well as herbalism, “alternative” medicine, breastfeeding and childbirth, child-raising, politics, dog-walking, religion, vaccinations and the all-important debate over whether or not you need your own AK-47.
This happens in fitness and exercise, diet, and even the thrill-a-minute electrical code forum my man reads.
But here’s the thing with links. We can find an internet link to support almost anything. Nearly all twisted, creepy, insane, illogical, delusional, harmful, bizarre, unfounded and straight-up nasty people and ideas have access to the internet.
We know this.
We have no idea who wrote some of that stuff, and we probably aren’t going to check.
And yet we link to it in order to convince others that we are right.
It’s not a debate, it’s not an argument.
It’s a Linksterfuck.
So now you have a word for it.
Let’s use it in a sentence:
“Oh, geez, I was in a real Linksterfuck in the AHG forum last night over whether or not herbs work without also eating a diet of only raw beaver and Paleo zucchini noodles.”
“Those 2 religious zealots are going back and forth all day in a Linksterfuck and driving everyone else out of the Elderly Birders of Wyoming forum.”
“I tried to get some information on deadlifitng but all I found was a Linksterfuck about whether women with muscles are all bitches.”
ultimately, these back and forth battles are promoting false binaries, ignoring the vast worlds of grey areas between any 2 extreme positions. Many of life’s most pressing problems will not be solved with internet links. In fact, you may have to get some actual experience and explore things from different angles.
I don’t think the internet is a horrible place to share ideas and even to have a healthy debate. I don’t think sharing links is always bad. But I think the Linksterfuck acts like a degenerative brain disease, canceling out much of the function in forums and discussions.
So let’s call it what it is.
The next time someone starts in on a list of links which–if only you cared enough to educate yourself about, jeez!–would change your mind and convince you that the alien being Neil DeGrasse Tyson is the REAL cause of climate change, call it what it is….just say it…

Sorry, this has nothing to do with the post but heck it's neat.
Sorry, this has nothing to do with the post but heck it’s neat.

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