Barrels of Narratives!

In the poem ‘To a Young Girl in Washington Square Park’ George Green says “Your beauty is the barrel you’ll go over the falls in.” And for some of us, it is. But my barrel is my narrative. My story, that which I believe about myself and my world is the barrel that takes me through the rapids and over the freefall.
My narrative cannot protect me from everything but it does keep the sharks out.
And what does it mean to have a story?
Importantly, it keeps the millions of messages that come at us from all angles at bay. The world is full of people telling you that you are not good enough, and offering to make you better. For a fee. (Or that you are SO a-mazing!)  And at times, self-improvement is a very good thing–I would never argue against striving towards greatness.
Sometimes what truly needs to be great is our perspective.
It seems like we always believe something is missing, that if only we could get the numbers right, take the right combination of herbs or lose an inch off our thighs everything would shift for us. It feels to me like a distraction from the maybe more important work of shifting our own attitudes.
Maybe you don’t really need to add a product?
Maybe you are actually fine.
For example, maybe if you are cold you could go outside for a few minutes, and you’ll realize that you really were not.
Maybe noone gives a shit about your neck wrinkles.
Maybe you are actually kinda awesome.
And maybe-just maybe-every single detail of our health and fitness doesn’t really need to be picked apart and examined under the highest resolution microscope every single freakin day.

What would your story look like if you were to just accept that you are strong, able, powerful? That you are not broken? That you are a do-er, just going around doing things and hey, that’s cool?
What would your narrative feel like if you let go of “My body is this and my body is that” and realized I AM my body?
It is not about creating our own delusional reality, ignoring the negative side of life and manifesting magical muscles with our minds. Not at all. It is about re-framing our views of who we are– from someone who needs to be “fixed” to someone who is on a lifelong journey of adding to and taking away, of balancing and building.
Sometimes the whole IS greater than its parts.
So what I see happening is people talking back to those sharks who try to gnaw at us, people disproving our culture’s narratives that only certain types of people can run, jump, dance, lift, climb. I see people using their own bodies and lives to show that there are many ways to be. I see people shifting and changing the world of fitness, beauty, health by their own actions. I see people healing their relationship with their bodies, and supporting each other in doing so.
Any one of us can go over the falls alone, but I have a vision of a world where so many of us make the leap that those who abuse their power in the world of health, beauty and fitness are left all alone in their manipulative little viewing tower, wondering what the hell happened!IMG_3263

4 thoughts on “Barrels of Narratives!

  1. this just reaffirms the connectivity in the universe for me; you are expressing the same topics i’m encountering everywhere lately! specifically the one about story, your story about you, your story about me, your story about the universe, about divinity/spirit, all the stories put together that make each one of us we, i, me, us, what if we dropped the stories? what if we didn’t? what if instead of pushing ego away and all this conquer the egoeness we tuned in, really tuned in to what the ego is waking us up to, what if we showed the ego how to laugh at itself so we could laugh with our ego and really BE in whole presence?? then what a marvelous symphony would it be for us to listen and see created together, or not . . . .choices choices, the red thread is humming louder and louder, amazingness this evening along with a dash of magnification~~~thank you for writing~~

  2. Something is often better than nothing–except for occasionally when maybe it is not.

  3. cryptical envelopment that . . . do you think the universe has a body? or that our body stories create a bigger one that’s a reflection of ours? so by healing our body story we heal the bigger picture? . . . encountering birth stories today, and the story seems mantled by fear, fear of pain, of the unknown, of just letting go . .. . wherefore does this fear come from? how come we can’t just be afraid yet still sally forth with and moving through that fear into release::baby born?

  4. I don’t know, but I think it is important to ask these questions and explore where it takes us.

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