January herb sale!

Hello, my friends.
I will be downsizing my apothecary over the next 2 weeks.
This is a great time to stock up on handmade small-batch tinctures and oils!
I am offering a number of special sales in order to get these items into good homes.
I have 4 ounce sizes of the following tinctures, fresh plant in grain alcohol, grown by Fellow workers Farm or wildcrafted:
-Scullcap (scutellaria lateriflora)
-Usnea lichen
-Angelica root (archangelica)
-Tulsi (Holy Basil)
-Wild carrot seed (fresh seeds and flowers, Daucus carota)
-Goldenrod tops
-Lavender, fresh flowers
-Sage, fresh flower spikes
-Honeysuckle flowers (Lonicera tatarica)
-Monarda- fistulosa flowers in brandy, didyma flowers in grain
-Bidens bipinnata
-Aspen twigs
-Dandelion leaf
-Calendula flowers
-Lobelia inflata
-Elder berries
-Mugwort tops
-St John’s Wort flowering tops
-Mullein leaf
-Sweet Annie
-Blue Vervain tops
-Turkey tail, double extraction
-Meadowsweet, fresh flowers

I also have a few oils, freshly dried plant matter infused in olive oil:
-White Pine resin
-Goldenrod tops
-St John’s Wort
-Sweet Birch twigs and bark
-Mugwort tops
These are all of limited quantity and while supplies last only. Inquiries welcome, I have very small amounts of a few others ready to be included.
All 4 ounce tinctures are 25.00, oils 20.00
If you buy four 4-ounce tinctures I’ll send you one extra as a bonus!
All 1 ounce tinctures are 5 for 30.00, choose 5 or I will send you a 5-item package of my choice, which may or may not be on this list.
Shipping is most likely2.00, 5.00 or a 12.00 flat rate box-or pick up here!
Order through e-mail (fellowworkersfarm@gmail.com) and Paypal or use this link:
Thank you!

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