Your ass is fine.

I’d like to share an advice exchange from Shape magazine’s “Get Fit” column.
Q: “I don’t need to lose weight, but my butt is bigger than I’d like, How can I shrink it?”
A: The trainer goes on to tell her some ridiculous, awkward exercises to do, and then suggests she should eat a healthy diet and burn more calories than she takes in.
Well, no shit.
Now let’s imagine another world, an alternate magical world which I’d love to see.
A: Your butt is fine. I am all for—all for–adding a few Glute-strengtheners. Glutes are a source of power and balance. Maybe Squats or vigorous hiking. But there is no ideal size.
There. is. no. one. perfect. butt.
And don’t bother spending all day doing that stupid leg lift. How will it translate to power for you? And how big do you think your butt “should” be anyway? Maybe take a minute and ask yourself:
Where did my ideas about butt size come from?
Is it possible that I am comparing my butt to that of a person with totally different genes?
Is it possible that my butt is more or less just right for me?
Is it possible that I am confusing idealized looks with actual function?
Is it possible that, rather than writing letters about my supposed big butt to freakin’ Shape magazine I could do something life-affirming, fun, interesting, educational….
Is it possible, just maybe, that I can be here now, in this moment, without ads for Brazilian Butt Lift videos or Skinny jeans, without the self-hatred of our personal and cultural lineages or the judgement of our peers, be here with my allegedly imperfect butt and just let it all be what it is?
Is it possible that noone really needs to obsess over every single detail of their body, that every cell is in flux and grows and changes and shifts, that context counts, that history and culture are the context, that our body is just a snapshot of one moment and that a little acceptance goes a very very long way?
Yeah, it’s possible.

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