The “other” Green Juice


Has anyone else noticed a huge explosion in juices available at health food stores…or heck, even at Stop-and-Shop now? Five, ten dollar bottles of squeezed plants with claims to do every darn thing, from reduce inflammation to calm us down to sparkle up our colons. Sounds great, right? Who doesn’t want imported Turmeric and Coconuts in disposable single-use plastic bottles with a very nicely designed label backed by a crack marketing team!

But. Do we really believe in this? Is this progress–too many beverages to count lining the refrigerators of Whole Foods….Is it a lasting truth or is it a Band-Aid that just makes us believe we are doing something healthy? What good is a shiny colon if we don’t really have an underlying connection with the Earth, if we aren’t  feeling empowered or creating lasting positive change for everyone?

Is this progress for humanity or progress for capitalism?

I am not exactly against the occasional use of a healthy juice. I have used one for extra B-vitamins after a long flight and sought C during a particularly nasty head cold. But I see it as a temporary fix in the context of a disconnected world, a symptom of my own lack of planning and self-care, an answer so easy as to be perhaps meaningless….and I advise folks to try the other green juice.

Yes, the most ancient and lasting beverage is free, and it is NATURE. Standing next to plants can offer us a kind of food that is so obvious as to seem worthless in this culture. But it is not.

It’s great, actually. I have yet to fall hopelessly in love with any squeezed liquid from who-knows-where. But we all have the ability to lose track of time with a tree, to disappear into a field of honeybee-laden Asters, to lie on moss and forget to worry about our colons and how shiny they are.

And we give of ourselves in this paradigm too… not just 5 bucks but an exchange of our energy.

It does not have to be either one or the other, of course. One could drink kale while sitting in a field. But if I had to, I would choose the green juice that speaks to me in my mother tongue, the green juice that feeds me with fiber and that never fills up landfills…the Earth itself buzzes with the green juice that is available to everyone, independent of shipping routes and disposable income. This green juice endures.


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