Calamus Lover’s Set is now ready!

I am excited to announce the first of a series of one-plant sets designed to help herbalists and herb enthusiasts get to know a plant or deepen an existing plant relationship. The Calamus set is:
-a one-ounce tincture of the award-winning Calamus Bitters which combines fresh Calamus (Acorus calamus) root with currants, maple and vanilla. (Contains alcohol.) Straight Calamus tincture is available for the truly hardcore Calamus-obsessed.)
-a two-ounce jar of Calamus rub. This is Calamus root and leaf warm-infused into olive oil with a splash of Calamus essential oil. For external use only.
-a two-ounce tin of dried Calamus for chewing, carrying, making something with or hanging out with in your own way. Right now both coins and pieces are available if requested.
This comes in a little bag with a Calamus-print card.
How can you get it?
E-mail Traci at! There is a limited amount of sets available. They cost 30.00 and shipping is 3.00. You can Paypal or propose another method. Please contact me directly for all questions.
I also have tincture, rub and various sized pieces available separately upon special request.
This Calamus is hand-harvested in Canaan, NY, hand processed and packaged. Bitters contain local currants and maple.
And if Calamus is not your most beloved ally, the next set will be…Angelica!

Tins of Calamus for chewing.
Tins of Calamus for chewing.

Calamus Lover's set
Calamus Lover’s set

Calamus coins, 2 oz. tin
Calamus coins, 2 oz. tin

Left: pieces, right: coins
Left: pieces, right: coins

Calamus rub
Calamus rub

little bag
little bag

Little pouch of chewing sticks
Little pouch of chewing sticks

3 thoughts on “Calamus Lover’s Set is now ready!

  1. Hi Laura, How are you doing? How was your trip? What is this herb good for?
    I’ll see my doctor today. She is going to discuss the last blood test result. Thanks so much for everything. Love you and take care.
    Nasreen aka Sarah

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