The Paradox of Macro


Macro. It is about getting very very close to something. It is about tricking our vision until we fall into the rabbit-hole of the tiny and everything else disappears for a moment….It is basic magnification but it is more than that too. Magnification is magical. 

We live in a paradox. How can everything be totally unique and special yet at the same time all just expressions of connectedness? Well, it’s true. We are all of the same source, and to the source we will return, following  patterns of birth-growth-death-compost. This can be scary or it can be comforting, depending on what your deal is. Maybe a little of both.

Emergence and decomposition are a spectrum, a cycle. And humans are not JUST observers here. We can include ourselves in this paradigm too. Or, rather, whether or not we think of it this way we ARE included….And I am a huge fan of the big picture, really. Taking a big step back, systematic approaches,broad perspectives, the long view. But it is a folly to see the giant and the tiny as mutually exclusive.   Each contains the other, supports the other’s existence. It seems so easy to look for what is wrong….instead of looking for what is not so easily seen. Look for the tiny. It requires a slow moment, a will to re-focus, it requires getting down and perhaps dirty. Maybe salty.

And that is the slow medicine, the snail medicine, the joy of a slime trail or a tiny puff of ant breath. There are multiple levels of macro worlds outside supporting us, giving and taking life, making this whole Earth go around. The medicine is a  letting go of day-to-day vision. The medicine is seeking a new perspective. It is a medicinal curiosity which I’d call “feeling alive”.  Seeing the universe in an Acorn cap, the galaxy in a swirl of mycelium, the dawn of time in a nibbling springtail… letting ourselves dream another dream, letting ourselves imagine a new way. Because medicine is not just what we take…it is what we DO.










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