The Scrap-Saver

HI, friends! Thanks to some conversations with my fellow herbalsits around constitutional types and general archetypes I have been working on a little series of “archetypes” that inform my practice and my life. I’m excited to share, and here is the first one!

Archetype: the scrap-saver.
Excess-hoarder. Bag lady. Can’t let go.
Deficiency-can’t hold onto things. Wastes usable items.
Pathology: watch for stagnation
Ideal representation: Honoring the castoffs, the discards, the excesses of our culture, the unwanted and unloved. Breathing new life into “garbage”, including people who are on the fringes of society. Ability to visualize a second life for a person, animal, object which has been left for dead. Brings plants back from near-death, revives shelter animals, offers hope to the unwanted and unloved. Gleaning, transforming, abrading, re-purposing. Has vision, Compassion, and skill. “crafty”. “tinkerer”. Urban forager, always observant. From many parts, creates one.
Roots: may be dealing with underlying wounds such as food insecurity, poverty, denial of care, trauma, current hunger. Possible refugees, may have lived through depression, war, turmoil of some type.
Emotional: can hang onto feelings, unresolved experiences, may repeat (loop) patterns. Clinging. Fear of being hungry, abandoned, unclothed. May over-identify with the discarded items.
Help: practice letting go. Grounding. Meditate on abundance. Nourish deeply! Emotional support-heart, Hawthorne, Rose, protective and thorny allies. (Person is well acquainted with life’s sharper edges). Lymphatics. Think Movement in general, bitters, Basil, Scullcap. Validate the reality of our culture’s wastefulness.
Mantra: There is a protection in having stuff, clinging to things tangible and intangible. A comfort. There is a freedom in letting go. Don’t let protection become suppression.
See also: Bag Lady by Erykah Badu, Grey Gardens the movie

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