The perils of Binary thinking

Nearly every day on the radio I hear phrases like “both sides of the debate”, “both sides of the aisle”, “both sides of the story”. Binary thinking which divides people, things, situations and ideas into two parts is destructive, and it’s just plain not reflective of reality. And this language clearly drives shoddy-ass reporters who have a stake in our separation. People can be both and more- such as herbalist, client, farmer and medicine maker.

Politically, spectrum. Class, spectrum. Race, spectrum. Temperament, spectrum. Gender, sexuality, religion, ability, age, everything reflects back to us the vast-hell, even infinite-possibilities. And no it is not as easy as some might want it to be. But I am thankful and excited that we don’t have to choose one of two and stay there.

Yes, you can like sewing up a gushing wound and using flowers to move energy at the same time, and that is ok.

Yes, you can choose your values and opinions based on what works rather than what is on the list for yout “type”.

Yes, you can destroy people’s expectations and the way they would love for you to provide easy binary answers.

Go forth, or to the left or right, or all wavy-like, and seek and destroy .

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