Report-back from the Herbal Resurgence Rendezvous

Snuggly conference organizers JesseWolf and Kiva  Rose
Snuggly conference organizers JesseWolf and Kiva Rose
Fabulous driving buddies and  poolside thai food
Fabulous driving buddies and poolside thai food
great class on "nervines for the temperaments" by Jim McDonald
great class on “nervines for the temperaments” by Jim McDonald
photo by Stephany Hoffelt
photo by Stephany Hoffelt

Greetings, friends!
I have just flown in from the Herbal Resurgence Rendezvous in Mormon Lake AZ and boy are my arms tired.
Har har, Ok. So. I taught a class, exploring “Holistic body image and self-care solutions”, and thank you to all who attended. It was very exciting to me, and challenging, and I hope I/we all can keep developing the concepts. I am excited about understanding a lot of what underlies our emotional states, drives our actions and effects our decision making. Thanks for letting me share!
I attended several excellent classes including free clinics with the lovely Larken Bunce, post-disaster herbalism with the grounded Sam Coffman, Redroot with the cheerfully frizzly-haired Howie Brounstein, mental health with the extremely sensible 7song.
I got some excellent herbal goodies from Rebecca at King’s Road Apothecary and fed my body and mind with great conversation, tasty meals, herbalist hugs and very fresh mountain air.
I especially enjoyed the box-dancing music, after-hours discussions, the windy days and the plants. I did not like how long it took me to adjust to 7,000 ft, flying there, and having to choose only one class at a time.
I am now feeling super inspired, recharged, excited about herbalism and community as well as remembering there are a few areas of herbalism that could be more actively worked on.
Overall I do reccommend this for herbalists with a scrappy nature who like to be outside, like to be challenged and are able to figure out how to get there.
I would not reccommend it to people who have a very hard time getting around or to those who are easily offended by sometimes-challenging subject matter.
Thank you to the very interesting organizers, the teachers and attendees, and a huuuge thank you to those who are cleaning up after us, the workers without whom there would be NO herbal conference. It takes planning and work to make hundreds of people gathering together not smell like crap.
Much love and respect to all.

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