winter is wonderful!

IMG_5461IMG_5518IMG_5508IMG_5495IMG_5470aH, WINTER, time to huddle in front of the fire complaining about how life sucks, right? NO! Winter is a great time to get off your ass and go for a hike.
Hiking is 90% of my mental health care plan and I sure as heck won’t let a little thing like “one degree temperatures” stop me from being well. Attitude goes a long way–We are not victims of weather-we need to learn how to coexist with the earth and that means all of it. We don’t just get to live here when it is 70 degrees and sunny, people. We are here on earth every darn day from birth to death and we can take the opportunity to know all different types of weather.

Winter is beautiful. I hear folks say “everything is dead” but really that’s bullshit. Just because a plant isn’t flowering doesn’t make it dead. Are you dead when you are resting? And hey-what about lichens? ferns? mosses? sheepsorrel? evergreens? mullein? celandine? ajuga? garlic mustard? HELLO! You have to get down there on your hands and knees and look!
We have created highly unrealistic conditions indoors, with temperatures which do not in any way reflect the reality of life. The disconnect is shocking. I saw 2 different humans outdoors in pajamas yesterday. The high was like 7. I was cheerfully sweating in my thrift store coat and wool socks.

And I value a feeling of accomplishment. I value building character. I don;t wish to avoid discomfort at all costs, and I question how our culture constantly gives us messages that our comfort and convenience are more important than
our character! Additionally, we would benfit from feeling responsible for our own wellness, and both exercise and outdoors time contribute immensely to our well-being.
So my advice is get yourself appropriately dressed and motivate to get outside and move, check out the amazing ice and brilliant sky, keep moving and soak up a little sunshine. The best way to really feel grattitude for the warmth we have is to feel it deep down in your bones… coming in from the cold!

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