stuff your stockings with salves!!

Salves make great stocking stuffers. AmIright? IMG_3454

Fellow Workers Farm will be running a HOLIDAY SALVE SPECIAL for the next 7days!!!!

3 one oz. salves for 15.00! OMG, it’s a super fun present. Stuff 2 stockings and keep one?

-Tree power (mixed barks and buds of birch, alder, cottonwood, aspen)

-Cottonwood buds

-Sweet Birch




-Lavender buds




You can choose any 3, choose “flowers”, or choose “random”.


From today until December 13th e-mail with your order, Paypal me, it’s 3.00/shipping or you can pickup at the apothecary in Canaan, NY. E-mail with questions, special requests and hot stock tips.

I will also be cheerfully accepting SPECIAL ORDERS for tinctures, elixirs, salves, creams, tea blends and other fun stuff, order soon if you want it before the official “christmas” day.



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