resins for climate change

so, climate change. first, i don’t give a rat’s ass if global warming is “real”. OR what/who is causing it. the extremely obvvious reality is that humans are causing parts of the Earth to be un-inhabitable through our use of toxic crap. fact. we are all complicit. re-usable bags won’t help. and we are making ourselves vulnerable to climate events and disasters by overbuilding, living completely dependent on fragile power grids and food systems, destroying wetlands, paving every damn surface and destroying plant life. we can’t feed babies without formula, can’t stay warm without electricity and haven’t purchased flashlights, batteries, or extra toilet paper.

but wacky preparedness rant aside, after the flood comes the mold. let’s say polluted water impregnates our home with toxic oils, sewage, mold spores, garbage, nuclear waste and dead rats. what do we do? break out the resins.

my sample post-disaster toolkit:

-propolis. it is a resin that comes from honeybees. a specific for mold exposure, it can be used as a tincture or raw, frequently, to treat those who have been made ill by short or longterm mold exposure.



-white pine and other conifers. bark and resin can be tinctured or decocted to treat deep lung affliction. i used it for a nasty bronchitis i picked up in post-flood new orleans that had me coughing-hacking so hard i would vomit and tear up. for a month.   i had tried everything. it worked within 48 hours. use high proof alcohol to tincture raw resins.

white pine

 -cottonwood/poplar. the resinous buds make an intense tincture to bring stuff up and out. warming, sticky.

-ground ivy. for congestion, metals exposure, and hearing loss.

-goldenrod. also helps move sinus congestion and supports kidneys.

-monarda. for circulation, burns, infection. a polychrest, kinda for everything.

-burnables. i love to clear the air with some homegrown sages, maybe some mugwort, natural incense or a pot of aromatics simmering on the woodstove. not only does this clear the air physically but it can contribute to emotional clearing.

-seaweed. contains iodine for thyroid protection. though an end to nuclear power would probably protect our thyroids even better.

-lymphatics. the body needs support in processing the toxins that are challenging us in these times. cleavers, calendula, alder, mullein, redroot, violet.



-liver support. burdock, dandelion, milk thistle, blessed thistle, artichoke to help our favorite detox organ process this crap.

sticky burrs

-deep immune support. feed yourself! bone broth, garlic, astragalus, mushrooms such as chaga/reishi/shiitake/maitake. use nettle tea, oatstraw and greens daily–especially for exposure to dangerous metals like lead. cleaning out an old house? lead.

turkey tails

-emotional support. get grounded with motherwort and sage. move your emotional pain with scullcap. relax and de-stress with passionflower, vervain, california poppy, linden. rebuild your frazzled nerves with milky oats tincture.

-moisten irritated sore throats with herbs like propolis, sage, monarda, slippery elm, mallow, plantain.  it’s lovely to make a spray and use often throughout the cleanup process.

– heal the skin. white pine salve is my favorite for drawing, protecting, and healing chafed and dry skin. constant exposure to wet junk can be drying.


also, it helps have  some  herbs  on hand for non-emergency wound treatment and basic cold and flu issues  such as boneset, elder, usnea, elecampane, barberry  and alder. if you don’t have a water filter, keep a bottle of bleach or iodine around to purify drinking water. box up some matches, your family’s  medications and a bunch of ammo*. and for crying out loud, spend a couple bucks on a flashlight.

*OK, ammo is optional.


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