slaying the serpents of health anxiety #2!

1. use bitters!!! whether a tincture of bitter herbs, raw or cooked bitter greens, a bitter aperitif before dinner–bitters promote good digestion and assimilation.

2. F you raw food fruitarians! look, i try to be tolerant. but please stop promoting the fact that packaged “live” food snacks that cost 8.00 each are in any way reasonable. this is elitist caca. if all-raw food hapens to agree with your consitution, well, great. but the mere thought of eating a cucumber tofu sprouts wrap on a cold and rainy mid-october day literally chills my soul.

3. is there any possible way all humans could have evolved to NEED coconut oil every day? no, there is not.

4. is there any way “rescue remedy”, grapefruit seed extract, apple cider vinegar, diatomaceous earth or manuka honey  could possibly cure everything? no, there is not.

5. do you need to make kids separate food? less tasty food? hell no. model adventurous eating! please, friends, observe my 9-year-old son eat copious kale and octopus sushi. without a bribe. shhh, he thinks it’s “normal”.

6. gluten free has been a godsend to those with celiac disease. however, beware of replacing wheat with gluten-free junk food. it tends to be high glycemic and full of sugar. good for a treat, but not what i’d build my pantry on.

7. all food trends, from gluten-free to vegan to paleo and more-are what you make of them. some people seem to thrive on rules when it comes to food…but remeber, noone has all the answers. (including me!)

8. we do need to slay the myth that food and medicine are to be kept separate. food is medicine is food. food is poison is food.

9. if it sounds too good to be true, it is.

10. don’t look to “superfoods”, turdy little vitamin bars , packaged drinks and exotic snacks as your main food sources. that stuff is crap. nourishment does not come just from eating good foods. it also comes from the growing, the foraging, the cooking, the sharing, the plotting and mmm-ing.

11. advertising is manipulative. they are trying to sell you something. your skepticism should know no bounds. they do not care about you. they want your money.

12. a little wine with dinner is fun.


2 thoughts on “slaying the serpents of health anxiety #2!

  1. I love this so much. I have clients all the time who present me with their questionnaire – feeding raw chicken, and 84763 supplements from the whole dog journal – from cinnamon to “curcumin” to of course, coconut oil( ‘We can’t understand why he has diarrhea, we feed RAW’) And then you say ” well he needs zinc, iodine, copper, iron and Vitamins A and D3, just to start – and they freak. How can a dog need that kind of thing when he’s on RAW DIET and cinnamon? Don’t I know anything? These days, if the diet came from an Angel Healer, I just turn down the case.
    Thanks for saying what badly needed to be be fair – I like all the stuff listed here (except curcumin, lol) but I do try to keep it on perspective.

  2. it is not that i don’t LIKE the stuff…it is that it is not “the one holy and anointed product answer to save humankind”, etc.

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