what is bias?

BIAS. noun. prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person orgroup compared with another, usually in a way considered to be unfair .

to concentrate on a particular subject.

bias inhibits impartial judgement.

so–is this blog biased? yes. it is. should you EVER make any decision based only on this blog? no way. except, perhaps, “is this blog kicking ass and taking names”, of course.

when someone is selling something, they are biased TOWARDS it.

when someone is philosophically opposed to something, they are biased AGAINST it.

for example, i am biased towards herbs and against pesticides.

this blog is not balanced. it does not present every side of any story. however, what this blog does have is DISCLOSURE. yes, i am selling something. no, you do not have to buy it. yes, i fully admit that this is all my opinion. no, i don’t give a rat’s ass if you disagree. see? disclosure is fun! it’s healthy!

i feel strongly that people looking for health information should always get more than source of information…at least one of which is not selling something. i feel that folks should TRY something before recommending it to others. and i feel that opinions should NOT be called facts.

i feel that any psycho who can fog a glass can make a blog–myself included. that is part of why the internet is so amazing and equalizing. and so dangerous.

so take every word here with a grain of salt. ask yourself-does this make sense? does this resonate with me? is she off her rocker? and try it out for yourself! think it through, bang it around in your head and heart and see if it comes out the other side intact…

“someone on the internet said this is red clover”



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