“what’s good?” on special orders

in my former life as a diner waitress i would go nuts when dudes plunked themselves down at my counter and asked “what’s good, honey?” it irked me becasue i was like “oh, it’s all good or we wouldn’t be serving it, you know? anyway, i don’t know what the heck you want”… since then i have changed my mind. the food was pretty much all bad, and i DO know what you want-even if you don’t know it yet!

i’m an herbalist, a grower and a forager, and a sometimes-writer, and this is a one-woman apothecary so all that “business” crap comes as a waaaaaay second to my more hands-in-the-muck work. however. in an attempt to be more responsive to YOU my customer -and i do love and appreciate you!!-i am going to list what IS actually especially good at the moment, or interesting at least, and try to do so seasonally. rest assured, all of my herbal products are good–or they get the boot! bam! but some just shine, ya know?

wild rose

so how can you get this stuff? you could check out my local harvest store, link at right, where a representation of the apothecary is listed. but listing is  a process , that list is not exhaustive, so feel free to inquire and special orders  should be obtained by clicking, yes,  SPECIAL ORDER, with your choice in the memo. i also joined 2012 by getting paypal recently-whoa.

doll’s eyes

ok, i hereby commence my list of top 10 awesome fall fellow workers farm products:

-sweetfern elixir. yes, it is the leaf and twig of sweetfern (comptonia) in brandy with maple. limited quantites! i also have a sweetfern tincture straight up.

-hyssop tincture. a great mint family plant for coughs and more, this year’s batch was noticeably vibrant. (hyssopus officinalis)

-propolis tincture. the strongest around! propolis plays well with others in combinations for throat spray, wound wash, immune support and more.

bee buddies


-arnica/pine salve. i am loving this combo! it is actual pine resin and actual arnica flowers, smells great, i use on all kinds of bonks, wrenches, bruises, welts and kinks. i find it warm and comforting. 1 oz. jars.

-barberry root/bark tincture. don’t hate “invasives”, use them! this berberis is closely related to oregon grape root and also shares SOME properties with goldenseal. very bitter! yellow power. good to have around for the nasties.

-monarda. i have already listed monarda fistulosa tincture, and it is great, but did you know that i also have monarda didyma, punctata and bradburiana? in smaller quantities, but all fresh flower/tops. hmm, do i see a monarda tasting party in my future? i am a little obsessed.

-honeysuckle flower, tincture of fresh japanese honeysuckle shrub(lonicera) which is seriously awesome. flu-fighter? perhaps. combines well with boneset,  elder, and yarrow.

-mullein! verbascum! along with leaf i also have small quantities of the root and flower, both fresh, and can make up any combination of the parts.



-milky oat elixir. that would be fresh milky oats tinctured with a vanilla bean in brandy. with or without maple. it’s actually damn good. and deeply nourishing.  limited quantity! (avena.) combines well with linden elixir.

-nettle seed. tincture of fresh seeds. kinda hard to find.

i am also all worked up about helping folks make their own special nervine blend–for relaxation, to move energy, to recharge, to sleep, or just for fun.


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