curves, interdependence and apple vs. jolly rancher

In our current society it is tempting to believe that products are just as good as nature..or even better. Many products engineered by humans are stronger,  last longer, and are easier to ship than their natural counterparts. Fat free! Now…with even more Aspartame! However, though these products may fill a temporary need, may feed our digestive system or briefly sedate our anxiety some are unable to feed us on a certain deeper level. The tactile and the sensuous are actual nourishment-without which we are literally atrophying inside. Yes, we CAN suffer from a malnutrition of the soul.

I feel that we humans are hyper-engaging some senses while neglecting others and the imbalance is a(one of) root cause contributing to many societal ills from insomnia to (some) anxiety to addiction to inablity to form healthy relationships. Our visual sense is constantly being stimulated–and, even worse, targeted by those who actually study how best to get our attention in order to sell us something. Most often what they are selling us is self-hatred which-amazingly!- can be remedied in 3 easy installments of 19.95.

I advocate that we all  go out and touch something in nature. Right now. Something actual and alive. Something unpaved, as pavement acts as a giant impermeable condom keeping the earth’s electrical charges from our bodies lest (horrors!)the combination conceive and give birth to happiness and joy. Or  the opposite, a natural inward look, a rest, a seasonal contraction and thus a loss of precious productivity.

I recommend an emotional affair with Fungi. I reccommend we enter into a relationship with roots and branches. I recommend we take the fruits of the earth into our bodies. Taste, smell, touch, hearing must be engaged in order to feed ourselves deeply. In order to nourish our spirit, recharge our batteries, move our worries. I am not suggesting we should actually have intercourse with an apple…but that we watch it grow.  It is time to take notice of the ultraflavors of certain foods which deaden us to the tangs  and crunches and umamis of reality.

Because, folks, the wild lands that surround us–all wildness–whether honeybees in a vacant lot of Milkweed or Owls calling back and forth to each other on a wooded ridge, whether swirling gurgling  stream or fruiting fungi on a log, Dandelions growing in the sidewalk or the much-maligned rain falling on our parade–are undeniably sensuous delightful pleasures which have the ability to feed us deeply, to share our joys and sorrows, to arouse our sensual desire, to  engage us in a way that no damn xbox or freaking blockbuster hit of the summer will ever ever ever ever do!

fully embracing her moment
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ok, so i’m obsessed with fungi that looks like boobs-whatever.

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