so–what the heck is fellow workers farm blog about, anyway?

I originally started this blog to promote the herb farm I was beginning in Pine Plains, NY a few years ago. If you read the whole darn thing and follow it from there to here you might notice it is about waaaaay more than that. I haven’t exactly stuck to a theme. It is NOT about lists of what herb is “good  for” what illness. It is about my vision-expressed in photos. And my personal approach to holistic health-which includes herbs, food, my love of making plant medicine, movement, play, growing plants, foraging, dogs, and my opinions… some of which are a little prickly.

Humor,  sarcasm and bombastic exaggeration join poor grammar, little editing and a complete lack of knowledge about how computers and blogs work to confuse people. (including me!) Oh, and sorry about that whole “i don’t capitalize” phase…I am trying to update this now.

Lists abound. I do love lists.

I get so excited and in the zone I rarely remember to capitalize, indent  or reread. As a proofreader, this is slightly embarrassing.

And I am an herbalist, but I am not writing this blog simply so that people will buy my stuff. I don’t do this blog for money-even if I wanted to. I am an herbalist because of a deep and unexplainable calling that follows me around, that won’t leave me alone. Though there is a link to my Local Harvest store, that is a small trade-off. If you want product without politics, try WalMart.

This blog is not for everyone, but if you take your herbs straight up–bitter-with a few F-bombs thrown in for luck  and you’re willing to  take the time to hunt through the madness for gems it just may keep you coming back for more.

et voila!

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