nutrient dense meals for people.

so, time to share a few ideas for nutrient dense meals.  get rid of the filler, get rid of the crap. avoid sugar as much as possible, especially in liquid form. i hesitate to embrace any “ism” in my eating, i am an omnivore and rules don’t seem to reflect the variety life offers us, such as an occasional shot of tequila, blooming onion or white flour baguette.   however, “mostly healthy” is a slogan to live by! anyway, how about some examples?

kale salad

my favorite way to eat kale. it is dino kale, cut into ribbons, with toasted nuts, sharp/hard cheese, raisins or cranberries, raw onion of some type and an oil/vinegar or oil/lemon dressing.

i also like kale sauteed with bacon or mashed with avocado and cilantro and lime juice. do not fear kale. just eat it.

happy meal

this meal is sardines, halved tomatoes, sweet potatoes cooked in butter, and sauteed wild mushrooms. no filler. no crap.


here we have meatballs, whole wheat linguini with a black trumpet cream sauce, kale salad and fresh tomatoes from the garden.

snacky lunch

this meal was boiled eggs, green salad, roasted fingerling potatoes, french lentils, chicken sausage and more tmatoes! with a side of stinky cheese and flax crackers.


this one is smoked salmon bits, fresh red raspberries, a zucchini muffin made with almond flour, and baby carrots.

yes, we eat like this most of the time, yes, my kids eat it. this is how i deal with my pcos and insulin resistance as well as keep my energy up, and i truly believe this method reduces whining. yes, it is more expensive than macaroni and cheese every day. in winter i make a lot more stews and braises. we grow some of our own and enjoy all aspects of growing, foraging, tasting, and preparing food.  food  is not an afterthought. it is medicine. it is a gift. it is life.

don’t hate me because i’m beautiful!

postscript: yes, i ate some of this blooming onion and didn’t die. don’t be a martyr!

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