live nude girls!

just kidding, welcome to my nerdy photo gallery of late summer fungi! i am going to avoid naming the fungi because i do not think using some random person’s blog to identify mushrooms is reasonable and i do not want to be responsible if you snort a destroying angel and your liver implodes. get a book, or a stack of books, or go ask a slug.

trippy santa fungi
brightly colored fungi
my personal favorite fungi
spooky fungi
modest fungi
unidentified fungal object
her worshipfulness
lil’ fruity friend
birch buddy

2 thoughts on “live nude girls!

  1. Fascinating organisms! Which ones of these have YOU eaten? Don’t worry – I would never touch a mushroom growing in the wild… except maybe for morels or puff balls, which as far as I know have no lethal look-alikes 🙂

  2. sorry, i am not going to reveal which ones i like to eat. however, there is definitely a poisonous puffball and a “false” morel.

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