hazardous weather outlook!

so. summer is arriving with a big ol’ pile of HOTT. yeah, baby. have you heard the warnings? DO NOT go outside! punishing heat! and my favorite-stay in an air-conditioned environment! cripes.

yes, it is going to be hot. yes, it will be humid. yes, we should take precautions against heatstroke, dehydration and spontaneous combustion. but can we take a freaking deep breath? can we stop the fear of sweating?  drink water, carry it with you. don’t jog at high noon. dress appropriately. wear a sun hat, seek shade. tie a wet hankie about your neck.

and here are some more fun natural ways to stay cool without running up huge electric bills, cutting ourselves off from the outdoors and FREAKING OUT!!

-make a nice spray to carry around with you. use hydrosols or brew a strong tea of rose, mint, cucumber or whatever cooling plants you prefer and spray your face and neck as you go about your day. keep one in the refrigerator to really freeze your ass off.

-how about some iced herbal infusion? mint again is supremely cooling. i also like peach leaves, roses, oatstraw, lemon basil, red clover, scullcap, lemon balm, tulsi  and linden.

-carry water with you in reusable bottles. you can add fresh lemons or mint sprigs, or try seltzer with a little bitters tincture or lavender elixir in it. i believe the shift in our society from free public water to the need to buy stupid bottled water is harmful to us all on many levels.

-carry a little tincture to cool and soothe yourself. again, the rose petals, lemon balm, most of the mints, all parts of peach and moistening milky oats can help you stay calm, moistened and cooled.

-use adaptogens, in general, to help your body adapt to stress well.  i like ashwaganda with milky oats and tulsi but there are many great options here and i suggest you find the right combo for you!

-limit coors light consumption during a heat wave–or at least counter all alcohol by drinking water.

-eat juicy fruits and cooling cucumbers, lettuces and fresh greens rather than donuts and doritos-loco tacos and put some spicy hot sauce all over everything.

-how about accepting sweat and mild discomfort as part of life? lay off the full-face makeup, use a little body powder to prevent chafing, and enjoy the lymphatic cleansing.  some  people pay good money for that!


additionally, and here is the wacky part, let us all  cultivate a little thankfulness. let’s see our incredible privilege to have abundant free water-so much so that we spray sidewalks with it, flush our crap away with it, use it to water vast chemical monocultures of hog feed. let’s thank and appreciate those who are sweating their asses off up on a roof, directing traffic, repairing our infrastructure,  driving school buses and farming. let’s sympathize with and aid those who are homeless and have no escape, no outlet to plug a fan into. let’s get to know our bodies and our ecosystem better, understand cycles and patterns. let’s stop paving every damn thing in sight! let’s bring back shade, plants  and water fountains in our cities. let’s stop fearing frizzy hair and a moist upper lip. we are alive and it’s awesome and goddamit let’s see and share the beauty in joy in life before it’s too late!

2 thoughts on “hazardous weather outlook!

  1. You said it! it is ironic that global warming is fueled by our overconsumption of energy yet we overconsume to stay cool, stay warm, etc. when just accomodating to stay comfortable and enjoying the changing seasons is where it’s at! when it’s cold we wish it was summer, when it’s hot we wish it was snowing ….jeesh!

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