Ah, les parfums des fleurs urbain


garlic, the stinking rose

The other day someone asked me if I ever wanted to make an app. I laughed and said

“What the hell would i want to make an app for?!?”

Of course. But as I wandered about today, I realized that perhaps I do want to make an app…..a smell app. That is what it would be!! An app that could transmit smells through your i-device and into your real live nose. Ah, how lovely, how evocative, right?

And yet.

We’d never leave the house again. For one major compelling reason that makes me leave the house is to smell things. Stinky cheese. Wet dogs. The ocean. And plants!Think of a Locust breeze, a Wormwood gale, a slight hint of Honeysuckle wafting about. The used bookstore, diesel fumes, unfortunate skunks, my neighbors’ cooking, the river, roiling  humanity, desperation, mown grass, spilled  whiskey, ever-present clouds of marijuana and kaffir lime leaves. Wisteria, Lilacs, Lilies, onions, compost, mulch, soil, a rotten apple, fire.

Yes, life is smells. On second thought, F that stupid app. I shall find the odors of life myself.

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