spring is not f-ing around



ah, a love buzz from spring’s forcefield has taken over my brain and heart. all senses engaged! Image

crimson clova

i did not realize how much i missed the green until it reappeared. oh, so that was the source of my general malaise….winter sure does have its place, rebuilding, hibernating…rebuilding! and time to press all the tinctures and oils i’ve put up, time to make salves and put labels on and read books and do consults.  but holy crap do i love the bursting forth, the honeybees, the flowering. it just hits a primal spot, the reawakening.i spent the weekend filled with the joy of spring foraging amidst stinky  ramps, the ever-invigorating stinging nettles, battling bees for honeysuckle flowers, luscious violets, oh hello return of my friends!



black haw
bleeding hearts-drama!

spring is honeybee time, liver tonic time, planting 100 onions time. dew on leaves time! peas and cilantro and lettuce and pigeons mating and compost turning and seed starting and sproutsshootscooleveningair….but don’t blink because it is gone and tomatoes are ripe. it’s gone and you are sweating and swimming and ohmygod did someone say harvest? ok, so get your ass out there.

wild geranium

no, you don’t have to engage in the vital and primal dance with plant and animal energies that is going outside right now. i hear there is a real good episode of “F YOU” on tv tonight. and folks will be talking about that in the office tomorrow. but i can think of nothing NOTHING more important than the dirt and it’s dance with seeds and plants going on all around us….let it in.


One thought on “spring is not f-ing around

  1. I do so love your joyful ironic anti armchair culture posts! Such a free spirit with a teeny tiny mean streak! Keep it coming! I’ll come indoors to read them, but only briefly. ok?

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