herbal personals

feelings. you can’t trust them, right? that is why herbalism is stupid. these freaks use stuff like “instinct” and “patterns” to determine things that should clearly be decided by scientific means.  there is a test for everything, you know. a home blood test. a pee test. and your insurance plan probably covers it! so get one. and stop asking me to look at your tongue.

spring uses standardized formulas to decide when to arrive

but wait. some people DO use instinct. some people do get a feeling. say..a hairdresser. a masseuse. a waiter. a good waiter knows what to reccomend.  a chef. a good cook at home or in a business puts food together with a recipe, perhaps, but also with feeling.  teachers. a good teacher can tell the kids who need a little help coming out of their shell, who needs a challenge and who needs remediation. this comes from experience and…observation. investing. horse training. travel agents! artists! horse trainers! people throughout time have gotten a feeling, and followed it.

why would health care be different?


one of my favorite aspects of herbalism is helping people take a step back. we often get so wrapped up in our own personal health dramas. the physical pain, the emotional pain. countless people have told me “i just don’t know what to do, so i do nothing!” yes, that is called a cycle. and cycles which aren’t working must be disrupted.


here is how it works. you step into my lair, i mean apothecary. i ask you an annoying amount of questions. you answer with a painful honesty. i observe your vitals, your eyes and hair and skin and gait. i make a match between the “personal ads” of my friends, (the herbs), and your patterns and conditions.  and perhaps you live happily ever after! okay, there can be love at first sight, or sometimes we need to keep working on it for a bit. sometimes you need to stop eating a frozen pizza for breakfast, or cut back on your consumption of marlboro lights or, even, go outside. so we can talk about that stuff–where outside is, how you get there. and what the heck do you do with a vegetable anyway? it’s cool. no judgement. i meet you where you are, ok?

nature's velcro

ideally, the herbal matchmaker brings love to the table. a love of the earth, a love of plant medicine, and a love for the people (and animals) in need, and will share that love with those in need. it can be hard to believe but using  herbal medicine, building a relationship with plants and forming a relationship with an herbalist can actually change your life for the better.



One thought on “herbal personals

  1. I was just this moment writing to a Tarot student about how well developed intuition is a core part of becoming skilled and confident in the cards. Yes, we need to know the meanings, but beyond that a good reading is so much more, and the more we practise, the more we work on ourselves as healers(and I consider Tarot a healing art) the better we can be. This entry seems to resonate; any form of healing needs to be informed by love, and by a deep ability of the healer to empathize, listen and intuit. And respect the client’s larger situation and context.
    Well said as always. 🙂

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