weather, abandonment, despair, renewal

the arcade, america's first mall

my meditation for the winter is “trust in renewal”.

heads sought

the rain and snow only make us stronger and more fabulous. new england winter, nor’easter, wind up my skirt. it builds character.

ghost stairs

in the winter we have plenty of time to face our ghosts, or hide from our ghosts, or act like we don’t know they are all around us. the land, the buildings, the peeling paint, our families, our roots our own actions nothing disappears it just fades. it is hard to grasp history. it is easy to look away.

little chair

we wait for the sun to come back, wait for the green to reappear, wait for the plants to take back the buildings and the worms to take back the detritus of our lives. the gift of winter is time, time to try our tinctures and teas, time to write our poems and songs, time to play our music and be still and allow our meals to simmer for hours.

saints and stuff


it is my wish, on this day, the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, that we can find ourselves sharing, that we can feel our gratefulnes stirring, that we can find ways to forgive ourselves and see each other in a new light. a winter light.

empty playground


eat, drink and be merry, my friends, for our time here is short.

botanica art





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