hot wings with the nutritionist: on judgement,

as an herbalist i am highly conscious of not judging the wonderful people who open up to me-in my little crowded apothecary, while my kids are discussing their play, while my dog comes in to check on us…dinner simmers….it is full-on reality show. as my patient opens up their life to me, my own life is playing out around us. there is no hiding at all in community herbalism. i am always reading my friends and family, and people on the bus or in grocery store lines, scanning for clues to health or illness. i can’t help it, it’s automatic.

“Lifestyle choices” can be a very sensitive issue. i dislike tv, juice, cheap plastic crap, Mc-mansions, baby formula and sudafed. but hell i am NOT up all night giving a crap whether or not you do, too.

And perhaps you dislike something I do?

you have too many kids! you don’t have enough kids! why don’t you save the earth by recycling!

Lest you think I do so with judgement, allow me to share a story. in conversation with a random guy at a party, i found he was a public  bus driver in providence. for those who don’t know, the ripta bus is a hotbed of insanity and desperation. I asked him how he managed to keep his cool in the day to day, and he said “love and respect to everyone.” that’s it, people. best. f-ing. advice. ever. you don’t have to like someone, you certainly don’t have to like their behavior. but when i am talking to someone about herbs or health, even when we are in disagreement, i hold respect for them as a person.

i am highly conscious of judgement-a young mom, working class with no formal education i have known my share of judgement from others. soemone else is always doing it better, has cuter kids or better-trained dogs or a fluffier cake. but you know what? so what. i love you, you love me, we are free to disagree. (yes, i hacked barney)

One thought on “hot wings with the nutritionist: on judgement,

  1. our compassion for each other is what got us here and what will save us! right on! thanks for reminding me of all the mindfulness training i have been given riding RIPTA! miss that public transport here in VT.
    all the best,

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