nature–photoshopped? or not?

next time you are outside, and i hope that is very soon, i have a fabulous meditation to share. nature is not a screen that was pulled down behind you. the outdoors are, somehow, not owned by wal-mart. yet. you are not posing with santa. look around you.  you can chew on this stuff.

wild animals!

sometimes it is very easy, and i am speaking from experience, to forget that the world is wild and we are not always modulated by screens and devices. we think of our “choice” as– which brand of X consumer goods should i purchase. but we are human animals first, consumers second. or 12th or whatever. choice also means should i lay down in this mossy patch and exchange energy with my surroundings now or later?

yeah, there is energy. you can claim religions or atheisms all you want, but nobody wants to admit to that vital force. whatever, don’t. it’s there.


i think this is a response to being in a craft store today, and being surrounded by fake flowers and ornaments, and realizing that we(humans) paved over a huge chunk of raw earth to sell crap that imitates the plants that we paved over. it’s just straight-up suspicious.  the holidays really bring out the best and the worst in our culture. the impulse to give, and the guilt which drives it. the love, and the ease with which it crumbles with a few cups of punch/truth serum. we are beautiful, and we are ill.

happy holidays.

i know it seems this has nothig to do with herbs. but it all comes back to forming relationships with plants and the world around us. getting to know plants intimately, making friends with random birds and pearls and piles of compost. don’t let your experience of the world be mediated by someone else. plants aren’t just for “gardeners” or “herbalists”. plants are for everyone!! intimacy is an art which we can practice at any time. nature  is always available to us, just waiting for us to notice!


2 thoughts on “nature–photoshopped? or not?

  1. you all rock! thanks for the holiday message and i just had to say the teasle root tincture i got from y’all is making some dramatic shifts in my health. it will take a while to use up as the dose is one drop per day for the chronic lyme i am challenged by but should i need more, i will be back! great to know that organic farming is happening in my homeland, Vo’ Dilund!
    all the best, betsea

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