late roses, autumn sunlight and seasonal dysphoria

aster absorbs vitamin D

welcome to november, my friends! my, but it is easy to forget the seasons for us city-dwellers. what with all these modern conveniences and indoor lighting. i’ve had several questions lately about seasonal depression! yes, indeed the time of no light is upon us, yarding up, ok. yes, i have some advice.

good morning.

1. it is always a good time to say hi to the earth. i don’t care if there is 300 feet of snow–make a connection. say hello. or thank you.

2. go outside. i can’t stress this enough. get a coat and some wool socks. you won’t die. just go for a walk. dance. move.

3. take your vitamins. b12 and D are 2 i like to supplement in the winter. if your diet consists mainly of cheetos and ben and jerry’s please don’t ask me why you feel like crap.

4. sleep is beautiful. dreaming is doing something. recharge, regenerate. now is the time to give yourself to the practice of rest.

5. yes, herbs can help. many people like lemon balm in winter, this may be a good time for st john’s wort too-fresh plant tincture, please, not

wal-mart sjw tablets.  nourish the nerves!! heart herbs like rose and hawthorne are sustaining. feed yourself with milky oats and nettles.  moisten with violets, dream with mugwort, unstick with scullcap. now is the time to bust out those beautiful basil elixirs and sage honeys.

6. do the work of letting go. give up old ways that don’t work, bad habits, emotional pain. move through stuff at a pace you are comfortable with.

7. look for stagnation-a major danger of winter. physically, emotionally and mentally challenge yourself. go for a hike, do some yoga, take a class, have that tough conversation, do some writing.

8. comforts help. delicious warm food, snuggly friends, hot toddy,inspiring music, and a bath. i like a massage oil with vanilla and cinnamon, ginger tea, a good book  and a catahoula leopard dog.

9. know when to ask for help. if you are feeling very down, it is ok to talk to someone about it. you don’t have to go it alone! make connections! and if you see someone else struggling, ask them over for lamb shanks and booty bass.

10. yes, dark chocolate IS a medicinal herb!

late november rose



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