wackos abound! the delicate balance between genius and madness.

Paging through the free “alternative” health magazine i picked up at my local health food store i am struck by the intense capitalism of it all.  It strikes me why so many people run screaming when i say “i am an herbalist”-if your idea of natural healing comes from stuff like this, and the “psychic fair” held at sheraton airport hotel. though i support all persons on their healing journey no matter what healing modality they choose-whether it is allopathic medicine, magical chanting or some combo i personally feel very ungrounded by some of these alternative modalities.  i thought i would make a short list of some of the advertisers in “natural awakenings” magazine and what they do-with the intention of informing people that THIS IS NOT HERBALISM.  herbalism is persons using plant medicine, holistically, and sometimes using basic nutrition and lifestyle information, to support health.

Herbalism is not linked in any way with yoga, organic cotton earth tones, flowing hair, crystals, fairies, vibrations. YES, some people practice herbalism and shamanism or veganism at the same time. and that is fine.but many others do not. and that is fine too!herbalism is absolutely available to people of all ages, all genders, all classes and all races and ethinicities and religions. there is no outfit required. there is room for us all at the table and you do not have to wear sandals or get naked. unless, of course,you want to.

you do not need to find your spirit animal or align your chakras in order to use an herbal tincture. herbalism is everyone’s. i do not judge, but merely present:

-back to school colonic special: not herbalism.

-bio-resonance machines: not herbalism.

-biotherapeutic drainage: not herbalism.

-ionic foot baths: not herbalism.

(“an ionic foot bath is the safest, most modern and effective natural healing therapy on themarket today!”-ionicfootbath.com…I disagree.)

-aura photo: not herbalism.

-angel messages: not herbalism.

-spa treatments: not herbalism.

-chakra necklaces: not herbalism.

-kinesiotaping: not herbalism.

-dream coaching:not herbalism.

mediums, superfoods, past life regression, metaphysical items, “attunements”, tarot, vortex healing, sacred stones, channeling-go ahead. do whatever youwant. but pleasedo not confuse it with the basic and ancient art of healing holistically with plants.

insert generic nature photo here!

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