herbs can do WHAT??!!…towards a people’s science

oh, science, how we have given ourselves over to you, so unquestioningly, so blindly. we have created a culture of us and them. we use that grand equalizer- “a study”- to back up every fricking harebrained idea humanly (and unhumanly)possible. but where do these studies come from? and where are these studies leading us?


there has been a slightly amusing outcry from fiscal conservatives ever since the national science foundation put shrimp on a treadmill to test their response to changes in water quality. they have a point here-number one, who gives a crap about shrimp working out.  it doesn’t really correlate to reality in the wild. and number two, you could have saved a lot of money, nsf. call me. ask me how any animal responds to a change in water quality. BAD!! okay? changes in air, water, soil quality are f-ing bad. it doesn’t take a degree to know, in the very core of one’s being, that when we poison the earth, things go downhill for the inhabitants.

according to science daily.com, “potatoes reduce blood pressure in people with obesity and high pressure. mm-hmm. “neutron scattering confirms dna is a stretchy as nylon.” ok. “humans are wired to respond to animals” wow.

this is not a people’s science. this is a huge money pit which has little to no bearing on our day-to-day lives, and which separates us from figuring things out ourselves. it reinforces the idea that there are some people who “do” science, and others who don’t. science today is about as grounded as a cumulo-nimbus.

we need a people’s science. we need a grounded science that is participatory and empowering. with no animal testing. no chimps in cages. no mascara on rabbits. no shrimp on treadmills. common sense.

unschooling always

for example, we can study the issue of global warming all day and all night but ultimately it DOES NOT MATTER if humans are causing warming. if our actions are making the air and water and soil unusable, and they are, then we need to stop. now. that’s it. there is nothing to argue about. would you let your kid play on the brownfield? drink the river water? no? ok, experiment conducted.  conclusion-stop dumping waste.

in the interest of taking back science we can all declare ourselves scientists who use the scientifc method.

-ask a question.

-do background research. (more than one source please! and don’t trust the  internet)

-construct a hypothesis

-test with an experiment

-analyze results, draw conclusion

-true? false? etc?

-report results.

every time we make observation in real life we are doing science. every time we question we are doing science. every time we dissect random bodies we are doing science. (are you paying attention?)

i call on everyone to create and participate in homemade science fairs.  people’s science. herbalism, gardening, botany, bugs and sticks and sex and kids and cooking and bioremediation and honeybees and model volcanoes and bacon and pheremones and sociology and rocks and dogs and tide pools and crab fat and moldy bread and compost and worm bins and falling leaves and making salves and bones . observe people in their natural habitat-at the busstop, at the mall, stopped at a red light.  do experiments. report results. have fun with it.

science belongs to everyone who participates.

can i eat it?

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