foraging, midsummer, madness and ecstasy….

black trumpets posing

good foraging is like good sex…..1/2 mechanics, 1/2 magic.

holey bags help to spread spores

foraging for something ephemeral connects us not just to a place, but also to a time.


when foraging, once you have made a connection to a plant, bonded, shared space…it just glows. it is like how one can pick their children or lover out of a crowd, an instinct…..

black caps

foraging is an intimate act which, like sex, is neither inherently good nor bad. it is what you make of it.

fun for the whole family!

when foraging leads us deeper into the woods it also leads us deeper into ourselves, into our own nature, and away from the detritus of life.

more trumpets

after a day of foraging the prize, whether it be mushrooms, herbs, berries or snails burns my eyelids so that as i fall asleep all i can see is my intimate edible friend.

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