louisiana catahoula leopard dog

presenting aster, the louisiana catahoula leopard dog! she is smart. she is nuts, she is awesome! random people i meet  often want to know what is up with catahoulas, where are they from, and how to find one to adopt.


smart dogs need a little something extra. if you are looking for a dog who will hang out at home all day….no.

aster in new orleans

i never would have gotten a catahoula leopard dog if i’d had any idea what their deal was. i thought i was getting an australian sheperd mix. (thanks, petfinder.) however, she has pushed me to be a better person, to be a better ally to her and to all dogs. i now believe, after a very difficult teenage-hood, that she is the most amazing dog in the universe.

aster swims

aster is wonderful with children, cats, and other dogs. but not automatically! i socialized the crap out of her. she is walked every day, often twice, taken to run in the woods, swim, and play. she meets pretty much every dog that i see. i would never recommend a catahoula to stay at home all day. they are good at escaping and destroying. as pack animals, staying home for extended days is depressing for most dogs. in general catahoulas are good at swimming, climbing up stuff, jumping very high, herding, hunting, fetching, agility, and getting muddy. aster is a dog of action but knows how to relax and snuggle too.


the point of all this is that lots of catahoulas are in shelters, it sucks, don’t get one-or any dog-if you’re not prepared to be their ally and work your ass off to help them be awesome. dogs aren’t putting themselves in shelters, people.

if you are ready to commit to the most beautiful dog ever check out http://www.catahoularescue.com or search petfinder.

aster is a dog of action!

don’t forget to spay and neuter!

aster relaxes!



milkweed is in bloom here in the city and the smell is intoxicating. so sweet, carried on the hot humid city air like a love potion….honeybees and pollinators of every persuasion buzzing all over the flowers, carrying the sweet nectar up and down the block, over kids playing in the streets, past wailing sirens with a little wave to pigeons eating a hot dog bun in the gutter.  guys fixing their cars in the driveway don’t even know why they suddenly feel a little drunk, old  ladies with random bags of stuff shuffling along don’t realize where that erotic flash came from.

the mullein bursts out of cracks in the sidewalk, some giant specimens with 3-5 branches tower over me while others, smaller, bloom brightly in defiance of a previous weedwhacking episode, littering the gutter with electric yellow blossoms. honeybees frequent these too,  remind myself to check inside before grabbing a buzzing bloom-scaring us both!

pleurisy root blooms

i go outside, i feel like i’m being pleasantly electrocuted by green stuff. it’s not subtle right now.  i used to shy away from summer, too hot, too sweaty, too loud….now i roll with it,  ok i’m gonna be sweaty for 90 days, enjoy it. hot, sticky, loud, sweaty has its advantages. what was i so afraid of?


the apothecary smells like lavender. bunches drying, making tinctures, infusing oil, and a lavender honey. lavender and sage, all over the house, purple-blue-soothing.


“the people of today, who largely shield themselves from nature, find it difficult to comprehend the ecstasy of midsummer, of being unconditionally swept along with natural occurences”-wolf d storl



swept away! i can hear the shrieks right now. i can’t lose control! i can’t take off my shoes! i mustn’t encounter a drop of moisture…and mess up my hairdo! try it. open the windows. turn off that stupid air conditioner. let some air flow in.

it’s not even that one must DO something. something is already doing itself. just stop blocking it.

urban foraging-morus and tilia

how delightful that food and medicine are literally all around us.


there are 3 types of mulberries that i know of-black, more like dark purple, white, and a hybrid which is kinda lavender.

the fruit does not last long at all so must be eaten as quickly as possible, which many kids don’t mind.


something about foraging is like scratching a millienium-old itch which is just not being addressed by our current lifestyle.

lyds w/ lavender hybrid mulberry

yes, these trees grew in-gasp-city soil. i would not say i am completely not worried about contamination in food. however, i am much more worried about the food in price rite than the mulberries in my neighborhhood. actually, i am much more worried about war, nuclear meltdowns, pcbs, pharmaceuticals, poverty and crap air quality than a little something that may be on this mulberry. especially since fruits are not major metal accumulators.

le harvest

additionally, we have been enjoying standing beneath lindens-a very common providence street tree-with honeybees buzzing all around, the smell and the flowerness somehow both stimulating and soothing.


apothecary tour and tincture delivery

just a little announcement! yes, i have over 100 plant tinctures in my apothecary. yes, i have many oils and salves. also, other things like infused honeys, elixirs, dried herbs and blends.  the apothecary can be viewed. please make an appointment. you can touch, taste, smell and otherwise engage with the plant medicine. also, the garden is in full bloom right now. i will happily give a plant id tour of the yard, the community garden or random plants in the neighborhood.

also, a reminder: all plant medicines can be available on a sliding scale if needed.

and-most items can be delivered or mailed.

herbal tinctures

contact: fellowworkersfarm@gmail.com