teasel root tincture

Due to popular demand I thought I’d put up a little link to where you can purchase the Teasel root tincture i’ve been making.  iIve gotten some inquiries about this recently, i am excited to see it is gaining popularity-as of course Lyme disease spreads and we see more chronic type side effects. However, I make no health claims about Teasel and I strongly suggest you do your own research.

I believe Lyme is best treated with an integrative approach and that we should all do sufficient research before purchasing herbs.


Anyway. The plant is seriously stunning, it can easily get taller than me (ok, not hard!)and if you are ever able to stand in a whole field of it…the feeling is intense. Like a kid amongst giants, elders…the flower is unique and made up of many tiny flowers which usually present in a ring around the cone. Some plant folks see that ring as a “lyme rash signature”….but maybe it is just an interesting flower pattern.

early summer teasel plant
2nd year teasel in flower on a lovely day

The plant itself is a biennial which means there is (usually) a 2 year cycle. In the first year we have a rosette, a little shorty plant that is building energy. In the second year the central stalk just shoots upward to the sky. The stalkleaves make little cups which hold water when rain falls.

We harvest Teasel in the end of year one, in Autumn,  or very beginning of year 2, early Spring,  when the energy is still downtown in the roots. The size depends on how much rain fell each season and what type of soil it finds. Some people consider Teasel to be a weed but we know there is no such thing!

The teasel root is washed, chopped up cheerfully and tinctured in organic grain alcohol.