winter updates on the store!

hello, friends.

i’m snowed in here n providence with all my precious herbs and some time to experiment. i love trying new things, different combos or returning to old herbal allies-either way it’s great.

winter rose of new orleans

lots of time for fun stuff like braising and baking, low glycemic index crepes, hot toddies and pork butts and shoveling and sledding and gathering bark bundled in 10 layers of wool.

actually we came to winter a bit late this year af spending a bit of tme in new orleans-a town that needs healing. so inspiring and beautiful and friendly and delicious but also so very busted up. the terrible air quality has me working on some new blends for lung help!

me and my catahoula enjoy the outdoors

the big news is that i am updating the local harvest store. so you can go straight there and order tinctures, tea blends and more in your pajamas.

i added the ever-popular nettles chai blend and a new one i love-“tree drinkers blend”.

i also have just added a  white peony and licorice root blend which is  used for pcos and which i personally use every day and strongly recomend to those dealing with polycystic ovarian syndrome. along with of course a great low gi diet and added movement and a few extra vitamins.

here we are all starting to think about spring planting too-i do enjoy mooning over seed catalogs when i haven’t even seen the ground in weeks! so now is a good time to let me know your special requests-what medicinal plant have you been unable to find which i may be able to grow for you?

a friendly insect

we also have a new option here in providence-come to the herb room to peruse. we are open by appointment only at 139 wood st. call or e-mail to come in. i can also deliver herbs  to those in need if you are in the neighborhood. rember-everything is available on a sliding scale if you need it and barter is always an option!

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