how the heck can herbs help anxiety?!?

so. herbs for anxiety, eh? maybe you never put those 2 together. or maybe the idea of a plant helping your emotional state sounds totally nuts. but….intriguing,perhaps? what the heck do you have to lose-you’re freaking out anyway, right? and really, doing nothing hasn’t worked out too well so far, right?

there are a few main ways to use natural medicines. one is suppressive. one is haphazard. and my favorite is transformative. the alchemy of  a relationship with plants has the potential to open our eyes and heart to what is really going on inside. which of course can be painful and upsetting. but the suppression method requires a lot of upkeep and the haphazard method doesn’t really work at all.

at the root of your emotional state is the vital force. the vital force has a memory, carries trauma. trauma is heavy-literally and figuratively.  carrying this crap around can get old, and we may not even realize the root of our malaise. the root? that is the key! addressing every little emotional disaster that comes up without exploring the roots is like pouring cups of water on a giant fire-and i say this from experience, as someone who literally burns up all day and night with rage, desire, confusion, hope and memory.

to have another person to go over this stuff with, someone you trust and love is ideal. but that is indeed hard to find and writing can be a safe option for some people. physical activity is a good outlet to burn off some of the intensity of life.  making music or art alone or with a group can all help channel your emotions-if you allow it to flow out.

what do herbs have to do with this? interestingly, plants can affect our emotions, allowing us to release some of what has been locked inside. plant medicine can help us relax and get into the hard work of releasing the stuff we do not want to carry around anymore. i like to use herbs to  support this tough work as opposed to suppressing whatever comes up.  for example, scullcap can take the edge off your pain and help movement as opposed to say valerian which generally  puts you out.

the new blends i am working on right now are grief mover, baggage handler, acute anxiety and get grounded. my idea is to help support people in the process with gentle plant medicine which addresses  the root of the issue.

of course no herb will do this work for you-it is a lifelong pursuit which is uncomfortable and obnoxious at times– but so is the alternative. our current society literally blocks development of wisdom. this type of work brings nothing to the GDP, there are no commercials for it, no videogames based on shoveling trauma out of your heart. business makes all kinds of money off our inner torment–between alcohol, pharmaceuticals and other drugs as well as the many other ways we try to distract ourselves, always wanting to outrun our own truths for one more day. well, when the bottle lets you down, there is hawthorne. there is rose, there is scullcap, dandelion, agrimony, vervain, sage. there are plants, there is a friend to hear you, there is love.

2 thoughts on “how the heck can herbs help anxiety?!?

  1. Well written, well spoken, and straight to the heart of the matter. Thank you for that. I am thinking more and more about which plants to trust with this process. Surely they won’t let me down.

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