many new herbal blends will be added!

hello, herbal friends.

here’s a litte update on our medicinal herbsproduct line. many new tincture blends are being added as we speak!

there is a strong focus on assimilation and the liver/gallbladder.  i just love healthy elimination! to quote the wonderful herbalist paul bergner: “YOU’RE NOT WHAT YOU EAT YOU’RE WHAT YOU ASSIMILATE.”

so there will be a new bitters blend, and a gentle digestive tea and tincture.  there is a liver blend called LIVER LOVE, most people do well with a little extra liver support.

roots are superb

we have  a new woundwort salve and an arnica-goldenrod salve as well as all of our existing salves.

little sugar dream nectar has been restocked, this is a relaxing nervine blend which promotes well-being and dreams.

a new addition is a” release work” blend for a happy heart. sometimes we need a little extra plant friend to get us through tough times…

roses thrive!

weeds can be epecially good teachers in these tough times, especially around perseverance, making alliaces and working with what you’ve got.

i am especially excited about an herb blend for pcos-this is licorice root, white peony root a a dash of cinnamon bark. pcos and insulin resistance are so common rigtnow, we need all the help we can get to deal.

evening is for dreaming

some other blends in the works right now are “vitalist vitamin”, teething monster blend, lymph mover and a cramps compound. these should all be up on the local harvest link soon, and now is a good time to make special orders and do some holiday ordering too. (remember to stock up on nervines and anxiety herbs for family and work events.)

also, cold and flu blends are made to order except propolis throat spray and pine sap chest rub. call me with your symptoms and a blend will be customized. it was a good year for boneset, a primary flu herb, and elecampane too.

ah, violets...

reminder: class at farmacy herbs on saturday

i will be facilitating an exciting class tomorrow 10-16 at farmacy herbs in providence called exploring invasive plants. we will discuss attitudes and ideas about the concept of invasive, the realities of movement, what is a wild plant? can we and should we control plants anyway? and what does it all mean? we wil lalso discuss uses of invasive species and noxious weeds including herbal healing, phytoremediation, insectaries and more. we will also diss herbicides. prepare for controversy, fun and self-reflection. 4-8, contact me or see farmacy herbs website for further info.


you did not miss this class yet!

the date has been changed to saturday october 23!

see you there!