the double-edged sword of near-universal healthcare

so, now that our snappy government has sort of passed some bill that may guarantee near-universal health care for most people in the not-too distant future, how do we feel?

are microbes shakng in their booties?

are waves of great health emanating from our citizens?

or are we drugged up, numb, sluggish, confused and wicked fat?

i have no health care. my family has no health care. and while i would appreciate the security that could come with single payer health care (not what was passed!) i also fear it.

i want holistic health care that works for all! even-gasp-the non-citizens doing most of the toughest jobs in america.

and i am laughing at those who call this socialism. do they even know what socialism means? (they did go to PUBLIC school, didn’t they?)

but what it really is, it’s a great boon to giant evil pharmaceutical companies.

they are hard at work giving us products like latisse-a prescription eyelash growth treatment.

they treat our rash while our liver melts.

they treat our depression with drugs while never thinking to treat our diseased  tv viewing or horrible nutrition-and don’t drink mint tea, look at the moon, swim or wear orange pants-interactions! side effects!

side effects!

iatrogenically caused death, which means a death caused in some way by the medical system, is one of the top killers in the entire country. this includes unnecessary surgery, medication error in hospital, other error in hospital, infection in hospital, and NON ERROR NEGATIVE EFFECTS OF PRESCRIPTION DRUGS.

but i do want helath care. no, i deman health care. not just for me, but for everyone. and i want health care that works!  i don’t want to palliate symptoms while causing more, maybe even worse smptoms. i don’t want drugs to treat the side effects of other drugs. i want a holistic model which includes botanical medicine,  nutrition, exercise, acupuncture, emotional and spiritual support, bodywork. now i’m not talking about crystals and tarot here-tht’s fine if that’s your thing, but i am talking about awesome holistic care that works and has worked for a long-ass time.

i am talking about a health care provider that listens to you, believes you and even asks-what do you want? what is your goal? you should be empowered, understood, touched. your records should not be kept secret. your brain is connected to your arm to your spleen to your ears and to your heart!

i want  a provider who eats dandelions not poisons them. i want a provider who believes pregnancy and birth are normal human states not an illnes to be managed. i want  a provider who knows it is yourbody that heals and we are just midwives who help make it happen. i want to go into a space free of logos and advertisements from big pharma where if you need a prescriptin it is available, but you will never get antibiotics for the common cold!

in fact, the common cold can be treated at home with a few basic herbs, some rest and soup.

so i don’t want to give everyone health care until we change the whole philosophy of health care. i want to redefine what is health, what is wellness, what needs a doctor’s care. we must provide access to everyone of healthy culturally appropriate affordable foods and homegrown medicines. we must stop poisoning our food supply, the air we breathe and our soil-no amount of health care will save us until we stop the destruction. we need to teach kids that soda, junk food and tv are literally posion to our bodies and minds. we need to reconnect with each other andthe earth before we throw a bunch more drugs at the problem.

i can envision how absolutely beautiful and amazing that world could be, and how ALL humans deserve the right to live in a world free of  pollution, corporate control and disempowered illness.

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