spring is so close i can taste it

dear spring,


we have patiently awaited your arrival through many cold and dark months. now, as many sprouts and buds are busting out, i too am dusting off those items which are not wooly!

we made it through a very short maple season and are in the midst of the not so short mud season.

maple fire

luckily, we had help…

lydia helps

i have a lot of nice fresh tinctures to press including alder, wild cherry, cottonwood, aspen, peach, barberry.

root digging will commence soon as well as sweet birch root beer!

in the garden there is much mulch to spread as well as composting and building some raised beds-though i seem to spend a lot of my garden time chasing chickens.

just planted a lot of bloodroot, black cohosh, mitchella and solomon’s seal roots as well as calfornia poppy and more monarda. the ashwaganda seedlings are poking up in the greenhouse and i’ll be seeding spilanthes and licorice this week.

still sleeping...

nettles have come poking up outside and dandelion too.

i’m ready!

thank you to everyonwho has ordered herbs this winter, it maks me happy to see each jar and bag go off to you.

i have put lots of stuff in my “local harvest “store and it’s waiting in cyberspace somewhere pending approval….so i appreciate you patience while that gets worked out! in the meantime, feel free to e-mail or call to order herbs or join the csa.

happy, happy spring to you and your plants.

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