herbal education and information

I have received a few questions about how to use the herbs that I grow and produce. And I would like to clarify:

This blog is mainly about growing herbs and making plant medicines, as well as exploring issues around the world of health, herbal medicine, integrative medicine and culture.

I am very excited about using herbs and definitely recommend it. I would be happy to talk herbs one on one with folks who are interested-by email, phone, in person at a farm visit or apothecary tour or during a plant walk or class. However, right now it is beyond the scope of THIS blog to get into those details.

I do not give health advice, I do not give general dosages and I cannot diagnose your illness.

I would love to recommend some sources for information about medicinal herbs and healing that I like and you may too!

*If you are a total herb beginner I usually suggest The Family Herbal by Rosemary Gladstar and Making Plant Medicine by Richo Cech.

*A bit more advanced? Try Medical Herbalism by David Hoffman. Really–anything by David Hoffman.

*All books by late herbalist Michael Moore, including his website http://www.SWSBM.com and his video classes are great.

*I love the article  American Extra Pharmacoepia by David Winston, you can find it on his website or in the book Planting the Future. He has also written a greta little book called Herbal Therapeutics which I refer to often.

*A lot of great information on under-appreciated herbs is at http://www.BearMedicineHerbals.com which is the website of the eloquent and intelligent writer Kiva Rose of the Anima center-highly recommended! Also see her online herbal education and look for her herbalism events.

*Michigan herbalist Jim McDonald maintains some very interesting and perceptive monographs at http://www.Herbcaft.org  and definitely check out  his Solomon’s Seal, Purple Loosestrife and general links pages. He is easy to read due to being very funny, and he teaches classes on herbal use and id.

*Many people I meet  like the classes of herbalist 7song of Ithaca-there a short and long-term options and his website is very informative. See Northeast School of Botanical Medicine.

*I have never encountered a book by inspiring energetic herbalist Matthew Wood that i haven’t absolutely loved. See the 2 volumes of the Earthwise Herbal-old world and new world plants.

this is by no means exhaustive, i like a LOT of herbalists and herb writers, but merely a place for you to start exploring! watch for updates…

trout lily means spring!

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