winter is for bark lovers

cold enough for ya?

seriously, it’s like freezing over here, and what the heck are you gonna tincture?

bark, of course! and…some tropical roots. i recently ordered turmeric and ginger roots from kolo kai organic farm, located in hawaii. i know, local is great-seriously-but i love ginger and i love turmeric and i sure do prefer fresh organic roots from a family farm than dried out crap from who-knows-where…

kolo kai turmeric roots

i grated and grated until my hands were orange, the grater was orange, the cutting board was orange-and still is.

i made tincture and oil of both ginger and turmeric as well as juicy organic cranberries from massachusetts.  all of which are gorgeous and fun to make too. i definitely recommend kolo kai if you are looking for roots.

certainly it is nice to have the time for pressing tinctures, i love my press, i get way more of the good stuff out that way. i love to see the different colors i end up with, sometimes there are surprises. i also like experimenting in the winter-trying a few drops of different types of tincture, seeing what it tastes like, how i feel. i like the extreme bitter of blue vervain, the tongue numbing of spilanthes, the smooth green sweetish of violets. i like messing around with my bitters blend and taking little sugar dream nectar before bed.  but….IS IT SPRING YET?!

my many colored tinctures

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