icy hudson

winter is totally upon us and after a couple week of holiday-induced indoor time i’m ready for bark season! enough with the baking, it’s time for long johns and fingerless gloves. we toured the farm of the lovley ethel barone-well, the edges of the farm cause that’s where you get fallen branches for tinctures and salves. she had a peach to prune-that’s music to my ears, baby-organic music….

wild cherry is looking pretty good this time of year, and “chew sticks” aka sweet birch are another of my favorite trees.


additionally, how about cottonwood-good for tincture and salves-buds and bark too. it has a distinct smell that i like and big fat sticky buds. ugh, i hope noone googles fat buds and ends up here….sorry, babe, this is my dorky organic herbs page!

it is fun collecting, then it starts out fun peeling bark but sometimes it does go on for hours and my hands are like “help!”

time for some fabulous salve. time to bust out some of that nice anti-inflammatory rose petal salve i made.

finally, we rang in the new year at the wgxc benefit party–go, community radio!

happy new year!

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