some things are funny

One thing that’s funny-maybe you’ve noticed-when people find out you are “into” herbs, they tend to pass on a lot of baskets. You know, “country-style” baskets mass-produced in China, bought at yard sales. They were a big decor thing like 10 years ago. I mean, not like baskets aren’t useful-they are-but how many do I need? One for each had maybe….say…3.
I am getting read for my first CSA pickup-Saturday May 23. There are 4 more shares open, and the deadline to sign up is may 20 so you still have a chance to join!
i was hunting lilacs the other day for wine and found myself in a field of horsetail, it was almost like hanging out with mushrooms-kinda prehistoric-they made me silly. i’ve since tinctured some and dried the rest.
i’ve also fallen under the spell of violets. in the garden, in the swamp, in the woods and open fields…violet seems to enjoy growing dang near everywhere around here. i love the flower and i have put up violet oil and tincture, a glycerite to be combined with milky oat, plus i’ve dried and candied, made a violet honey and violet-infused brandy.
i then started infusing everything else in oil-lilacs, ground ivy, cherry bark, mint, chocolate and vanilla, elderberry, dandelion flowers, chickweed.
i’m currently working on my masterpiece-raspberry linzer lip balm.
everything seems to be coming up around here, it’s green and delicious. we just planted a peach tree, and i am spending most of my time building a sage garden and pulling up garlic mustard.