the mighty dandelion

bee my honey
bee my honey

It is Dandelion season again, time to make my yearly plea to stop poisoning the Earth and ourselves. Dandelions. I do enjoy their sunny little faces, but even more so their powerful and abundant medicine. Every part of the Dandelion is useful. The flower makes great wine and a luscious petal-infused salve. The root is a deep liver support. The leaves are good eatin’… a delicious bitter and a gentle diuretic. Food for the bees. But even more important the Dandelion is a symbol for the world’s complete backwardsness. Not only is it considered OK to poison the crap out of our Earth in order to get rid of Dandelions it is actually strongly encouraged through tons of advertising– and in many places one is considered a real wackjob for not mowing, digging, and otherwise maiming them.
For what?!
To achieve the pesticide-laced monocrop we call the lawn, which provides nothing of substance for Earth’s creatures! It is obnoxious that one of the plants which we need the most we poison the most vigorously. The tenacity of the Dandelion is intimidating. The mystery disgusts people.
Now, I have mentioned this before but that won’t keep me form saying it again. All pesticides and herbicides need to be eliminated. Stop making them, stop using them, stop advertising them, stop selling them. No, there is no excuse and no reason to ever spray poison onto the earth, in the air, anywhere. We do not own the Earth, we are just borrowing it.
Dandelions are tenacity incarnate, coming up through cracks in the pavement and so often we miss the lesson entirely. The Dandelion has a sense of humor, as plants do, but is losing patience with us. the Dandelion asks, “Must i paint you a picture?”

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