nancy drew of the green-or, a dream fulfilled…kinda.

Okay, so, how did being a total book-nerd as a kid prepare me for life as a student of herbalism? Well! Funny you should ask.  I read a lot of books as a kid, and one  of my favorites was Nancy Drew…girl detective. Now,before I get into how helpful and prepared Nancy was I do feel compelled to acknowledge the rampant classism that runs through the series–the books were lacking in some ways, some of the language was painfully privileged and certainly a  product of a different time.  so. How is being an herbalist like being a detective?

Well, number 1-always be prepared. Always have your Felcos, a collection bag and a medicinal plants and herbs field guide. Even if you’re just planning on a trip to the grocery store.

Number 2-sleuthing combines a solid base of knowledge with intuition and deduction, just like herbalism.

Number 3-things are not always what they seem on the surface-dig a little deeper.

Number 4-be ready for anything! Always have some liquor and some oil on hand in case something great comes along.  This also applies to  holiday entertaining and dating.

Number 5-stick with it. Be tenacious. Don’t give up-when the going gets tough you’re just getting started. Dig those roots! Haul that compost! Pole saw that Chicken mushroom….

Number 6-identify! Whether it’s Purple Loosestrife or bank robbers, correct id really makes the whole gig spin around.

Number 7-take your friends with you. Know your allies and call for backup when necessary. They may have to pull you out of a jam-involving picky bushes, pulling splinters or dodgy con men.

and finally-have fun, look good and pack a picnic lunch.

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