pickled sunchokes

pickled sunchokes in a jar
pickled sunchokes in a jar

today, with the delicious maple smell in the air and my hair, i pickled my last batch of sunchokes. very nice, crunchy, good for you. hopefully they will be done in time for the mini convergence-which is in 2 weeks!

3 thoughts on “pickled sunchokes

  1. oooh, these look good! i have so many sunroots that i don’t know what to do with all of them… could you share the details of how you pickle them- are these just in vinegar or do you use a certain recipe?

  2. ok, here’s the recipe, loosely defined as i’m biologically unable to follow a recipe: dig up the sunchokes, wash as well as you feel is necessary, slice up into thin round parts, fill up a big jar or clean 5-gallon bucket. next, you mix water, white or apple cider vinegar and raw honey in equal parts plus a little sugar and salt and warm gently to combine. is to taste, experiment freely. do not boil or you will lose the medicinal qualities of the honey and vinegar. i also like to put raw onion and garlic in the jar, as well as spices to taste such as pepper, turmeric, coriander seed, dill-here is where you should get creative. then pour warm liquids over chokes–make sure it covers! and forget about it for 2-8 weeks.

  3. awesome, i love recipes that you can play around with a bit and not destroy the final product:) i’ve got a jar pickling in the kitchen right now, thank you!

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