nancy drew of the green-or, a dream fulfilled…kinda.

Okay, so, how did being a total book-nerd as a kid prepare me for life as a student of herbalism? Well! Funny you should ask.  I read a lot of books as a kid, and one  of my favorites was Nancy Drew…girl detective. Now,before I get into how helpful and prepared Nancy was I do feel compelled to acknowledge the rampant classism that runs through the series–the books were lacking in some ways, some of the language was painfully privileged and certainly a  product of a different time.  so. How is being an herbalist like being a detective?

Well, number 1-always be prepared. Always have your Felcos, a collection bag and a medicinal plants and herbs field guide. Even if you’re just planning on a trip to the grocery store.

Number 2-sleuthing combines a solid base of knowledge with intuition and deduction, just like herbalism.

Number 3-things are not always what they seem on the surface-dig a little deeper.

Number 4-be ready for anything! Always have some liquor and some oil on hand in case something great comes along.  This also applies to  holiday entertaining and dating.

Number 5-stick with it. Be tenacious. Don’t give up-when the going gets tough you’re just getting started. Dig those roots! Haul that compost! Pole saw that Chicken mushroom….

Number 6-identify! Whether it’s Purple Loosestrife or bank robbers, correct id really makes the whole gig spin around.

Number 7-take your friends with you. Know your allies and call for backup when necessary. They may have to pull you out of a jam-involving picky bushes, pulling splinters or dodgy con men.

and finally-have fun, look good and pack a picnic lunch.

spring, o spring

spring is coming in like a lion and i’ve shaken off the winter doldrums like an itchy sweater, and now i’m being confronted with the first great truth of spring: WORK. yes, the winter hibernation is so over. the sap is running, time to get up off my buttocks and empty those buckets. with maple, it is so very worth it, and the aches and pains give me a chance to try out my new salves and liniments. no animal testing, i’m my own lab rat.

ahh, spring. well, green stuff has appeared, the wonderful chaos has sprung forth again.  mmm, weeds. i’m just so abundantly happy abut the whole thing.  i’m even happy about the long, dark, cold winter as how else would i be so ridiculously tickled about a few dandelions and some garlic mustard if theyhadn’t disappeared? the chickens are scratching like they

me and lyds!
me and lyds!

‘ve never scratched before, and following me around the yard, even down the hill, they seem to think i’ve got something. well, i’ve got things, but not what they think! one thing i’m really looking forward to is turning the compost. i haven’t seen a worm in months.  really, though, my first priority is damage control-after the outrageous ice storm we had this winter, trees and shrubs need some serious love.